Boeing joins the first flight test 777X, making it the longest passenger jet

American air framer has joint the major fuselage sections of the first 777X aircraft which will make its first flight in 2019.

The ‘final body join’ saw Boeing engineers connecting the airplane’s nose, mid and aft sections. The aircraft now measures 252 feet long (77 meters) from nose to tail, making it the longest passenger aircraft the manufacturer has ever produced.

Powered by the successor of the GE90 – the GE9X, the aircrafts wingspan is 235 feet (72 meters) when the wingtips are extended.

Another 777x test fuselage was built for ground testing in September 2018.

The first 777x is scheduled to be delivered to launch customer Emirates in 2020. Boeing currently has 340 orders and commitments for the 777x.

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