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Write for B/A – Bangalore Aviation

Write for B/A

Bangalore Aviation is always on the lookout for writers focussed on aviation. We welcome co-authors who will commit to writing at least 2 or 3 articles per week for a long term (a year or more), or guest authors who would like to send in a story at their convenience or who would like to remain anonymous.

All contributors are welcome, as long as you write with an agenda-less passion, relying on truth and offering a straightforward analysis — the hallmark’s of Bangalore Aviation. Ideally submissions should be within 450~650 words. Any less will fail to enthuse readers. Much longer will bore them. Write an article, you would enjoy reading …………. as a reader.

While we are not a huge media organisation, we offer you a ready made platform which enjoys a strong reputation with readers and industry alike, a team committed to delivering quality content to readers who are as aviation focussed as you.

So step up and air your thoughts, views, and knowledge, amongst the passionate, contact us at ba [at] bangaloreaviation [dot] com. We have a humble request. Please read this page in its entirety before contacting us. Do not mail us asking IF we are interested in guest posts. There details are below, and if you have a post that you feel meets our standards, please send it in. We will review and contact you if we find a synergy.

Some suggested subjects

The world of aviation is vast and the readers of Bangalore Aviation are diverse. However, we find that readers welcome articles on the following subjects:

  • Reviews and first hand user experiences
    • Airlines
    • Lounges
    • Airports
    • Frequent flyer programs
    • Aviation related credit card programmes
  • Comparisons between airlines, lounges, airports, FFPs, etc.
  • Tips of how to obtain low fares
  • Tips on how to obtain preferred or elite flyer status on frequent flyer programs
  • Insider information on airport or airline operations (industry or government insiders welcome)
  • Other insider passenger tips
  • Reference articles on airports, airplanes, and airlines.
  • and many more
  • We are not a travel blog. So travel stories are not accepted.


Your privileges

Do keep the following in mind. You are at liberty on the following:

  • The topics of your articles.
    • You can speak your mind as long as you conform to the Content Standards of Bangalore Aviation
  • The style of writing
    • Our editorial team may make suggestions for sake of style, clarity, or conciseness, but you are the final arbiter of your article’s presentation and content.
  • Schedule of articles
    • As a guest author you decide how many articles and when to submit them. We will not pose unrealistic deadlines or expectations, nor will we hinder you from posting an analytical view on an immediate breaking story.
Content Standards of Bangalore Aviation

Bangalore Aviation will welcome submissions of any writer who has been pre-approved to publish articles. Our policies require us to screen such submissions for content that is not permitted.

  • Non aviation content
    • We focus on airplanes, airports, airlines and aviation as an industry and as government policy. Your submissions must be within this content sphere. You are also welcome to write commentary on policy, operations or results within this content sphere. You are not allowed to post articles on “Bangalore Aviation Community Content” which includes compliments, criticisms, accusations, defences, questions and/or suggestions about this website or any of its contributor community.
  • Non-original content
    •  Content not produced by the author. While submissions may quote press releases or external content, at least 70% of the article must be original. Quotes must be attributed, and quotes from any external content must be referenced or links provided (at least for the study and approval of the site administrators).
  • Commercial content
    • Any content that attempts to direct readers to external sites for commercial purposes, external contests, prizes, etc.
    • If you are wishing to make an announcement, which you feel, will benefit the readers, please send it to [pr] at bangaloreaviation [dot] com and we shall consider it.
  • Offensive content
    • Do not violate our term’s of use. Examples of offensive content includes but is not limited to incitement to riot or violence, racist or prejudicial remarks, obscenity, pornography, vulgarity, defamation, and insensitivity to community, nationality, origin, religion, gender, sexual preferences, tragedy, death or injury, inflammatory language, flaming, etc.
  • Fake content
    • Any information that presents false or non-factual information as the truth, un-sourced, fabricated or inaccurate reports, rumours or claims. Sources may be protected publicly, but must be disclosed to the administrators of the site, who will take a decision whether to disclose the information or not; unsubstantiated allegations or unsupported arguments;
  • Poor writing
    • Typographical, grammatical, linguistic, stylistic errors degrade articles and must be eliminated. Similarly, we request and expect articles in a simple straightforward style. We are confident that any author will be able to dissect even the most complex scenario to its core components.

The administrators of Bangalore Aviation reserve the final rights on what content is placed on the site. – See more at: