About Us

The childhood fascination with these wonderful flying machines, translates in to passions of adulthood, and for many an ‘aviation geek’, a hobby, which some may consider, bordering on fanaticism.

By aviation enthusiasts for aviation enthusiasts, Bangalore Aviation was started on March 14, 2008, with the intent of providing unbiased news, information, analyses, and opinions on the global aviation industry, with a tilt towards Asia and India. We focus on airplanes, airports, and airlines, though not necessarily in that order and welcome information in this domain.

Thanks to the support of our readers, we have grown to become India’s largest aviation analysis website and amongst the top aviation blogs in the world. You can see our real-time, live performance and standing in the right side bar midway down the page.

With due credit to Bill O’Rielly, we consider ourselves the “no-spin” zone of Indian aviation media. We call it as we see it. We welcome comments, feedback, and corrections on every story, even if critical of us.

We will not publish rude, expletive, flaming, or unprofessional comments, nor do we tolerate attacks on any individual.

We also promote airplane spotting and photography and are passionate about defending the intellectual property rights of aviation photographers.

Should you wish to use any of our pictures, please contact us for permission. Images will be provided under the creative commons license displayed in the footer.