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The first 787-10 fuselage beginning final assembly. Boeing Image.
The first 787-10 fuselage beginning final assembly. Boeing Image.

Boeing begins final assembly of the 787-10

American airframer, Boeing has begun final assembly of the 787-10 at it’s North Charleston plant.

The 787-10 is a 18 foot stretch of the 787-9. The -10 will maintain a 95% commonality with it’s smaller sibling and will carry 40 more passengers to a maximum listed range of 6430 nm, as against 8500 nm of the 787-9. The first 787-10 is expected to fly in 2017 and first delivery is scheduled for 2018.

The mid section of the fuselage of the smaller 787’s are assembled at Charleston and flown down to Paine field – Everett, Washington via’s Boeing’s DreamLifter. However the mid section of the -10 is too big to fit in the aircraft, therefore the -10 will be built only at the company’s Charleston plant.

The first 787-10 will cycle through the Final Assembly facility as all major sections are joined, interior and exterior components completed, power turned on and production tests begin.

Ken Sanger, vice president and general manager, 787 Airplane Development, Boeing Commercial Airplanes

“As we enter the next phase of the 787-10’s development, we eagerly watch our first airplane come to life, This is the result of years of preparation and solid performance by our Boeing teammates and supplier partners. This achievement is another example that demonstrates Boeing’s ability to develop great airplanes in a disciplined fashion in order to meet our customer commitments.”

Boeing currently has 154 787-10 orders from nine customers.

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