Photo Essay: Aero India 2013 – third day

The third day of Aero India 2013 showed some performers who were sorely missed from the beginning of the show. Most notably, the Russian Knights, who finally arrived after being delayed in New Delhi, and the flight of the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III which was grounded due to technical problems for the first two days of the show.

A photo essay on some of the performers on the third day.

A United States Air Force Lockheed Martin F-16 Block 50 based at Misawa, Japan, lands after completing its display

The Boeing C-17 Globemaster III, shows its short length take-off performance as it makes its first departure of the show after being grounded due to technical problems for the first two days.

The Flying Bulls aerobatic team is a favourite of every show attendee
One team member loops around the other two who are flying inverted
The Flying Bulls in formation
The venerable HS-748 Avro is the mainstay of the light transport fleet of the Indian Air Force
The Bell 407 in action
The Russian Knights arrive at Aero India 2013
The Russian Knights perform one of their three fly-pasts. On each fly past team members peeled off to land.
Deploying the parachute to slow down. Fighters do not have reverse thrusters like commercial jetliners.
The marshal guiding one of the Knights in to its parking slot. Su-27 and F-16, former foes side by side.

A flurry of activity to get the chocks on to the wheels of the Su-27 Flankers of the Russian Knights.
The IL-76 support aircraft of the Russian Knights, which acts like an in-flight tanker and carries the ground crew and equipment.

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