Mitsubishi Regional Jet successfully completes maiden flight

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has successfully conducted the first flight of it’s regional jet (MRJ). Once in service the MRJ will primarily compete with Embraer and Bombardier in the global regional jet market.

The flight which was delayed for two weeks due to a defective rudder pedal, took off from Nagoya Airport and returned to the airport one and a half hours later after confirming its basic characteristics and functionality in ascent, descent and turning.

Hiromichi Morimoto, President, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation

“The MRJ successfully took to the sky today thanks to ongoing cooperation and support from all members involved, We will make our utmost efforts towards type certificate acquisition, committing all our resources to develop and produce the finest regional jet aircraft to enter commercial service in 2017.”

The aircraft is scheduled for entry into service (EIS) in the second quarter of 2017.

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  1. Return of Japanese wings.

  2. Mitsubishi, Honda…seems Japs have taken aviation sector seriously. I am sure their fuel efficiency must be more, especially than Boeing so may find lot of Indian customers, LoL.