Jet Airways to operate Etihad’s second daily between Abu Dhabi and New York JFK

Jet Airways will re-commence operating flights to New York JFK airport, but from Abu Dhabi, not from India. The airline along with its partner Abu Dhabi based Etihad Airways, which holds a 24 per cent stake in the Indian carrier,  announced that Etihad will commence its second daily on the route from March 1, using two leased Jet Airways Boeing 777-300ER. From May 1, the flight will be operated by Jet Airways.

From March 1, Etihad Airways flight EY103 will depart Abu Dhabi at 01:45 and arrive at New York’s John F Kennedy Airport at 07:45 the same day. EY102, will leave New York at 11:35 and arrive in Abu Dhabi at 09:20 the following day. These two flights will complement the existing Etihad Airways Boeing 777-300ER service, EY101, which departs Abu Dhabi at 10:30, arriving in New York JFK at 16:30 the same day, and EY100, which leaves New York JFK at 21:.40 and arrives in Abu Dhabi the next day at 19:25.

Scissor hub

Jet Airways will continue its existing leverage of Abu Dhabi as a scissor hub for the new flight as well, bringing in narrow body Boeing 737 operated flights from New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kochi to connect to the new flight as per the schedules below. The airline already flies onward from Abu Dhabi to Kuwait City and to Dammam, Saudi Arabia, using fifth freedom rights granted to it under the India Abu Dhabi bilateral air services agreement.

DELHI 21:00 23:20 01:45 +1 07:45 +1
MUMBAI 21:50 23:25 01:45 +1 07:45 +1
CHENNAI 20:15 23:25 01:45 +1 07:45 +1
COCHIN 20:40 23:30 01:45 +1 07:45 +1
DELHI 11:35 09:20 +1 10:40 15:25
MUMBAI 11:35 09:20 +1 10:35 15:10
CHENNAI 11:35 09:20 +1 10:45 16:15
COCHIN 11:35 09: 20 +1` 10:40 16:00

Bangalore remains Jet-dis-Konnected

Unfortunately, Bangalore is not connected to the new flight. Anyone wishing to travel to New York JFK on Jet will have to connect via Mumbai or New Delhi, or fly Etihad for the late afternoon arrival. One can only hope Jet Airways and Etihad see the missing potential of providing Bangaloreans an early morning arrival in New York, and commence a Bangalore Abu Dhabi flight. The Jetihad combine will need to move fast; competitor Emirates is upgrading Bangalore to Boeing 777-300ERs which feature the newer cabin products, due to the runway closure in Dubai that is expected in the May time frame.

Jet Airways clarifications

The initial joint announcement was vague and did not provide details if Jet Airways will operate the flight from India to New York via Abu Dhabi, or just on the Abu Dhabi New York sector. A search of the Jet Airway’s website did not even show JFK as a destination, while Etihad’s site returned with only EY103/102 flight numbers, leading us to believe that this flight would be a “wet-lease” arrangement. Jet Airways did provide us some clarifications, but we remain perplexed on the modus operandi.

  • From 1st May will Jet Airways operate this flight under a 9W flight code or will it be a wet-lease arrangement between 9W and EY and the flight will continue to be operated under an EY flight code?
    • “The flight in question will have a Etihad Airways (EY) flight code”
  • Once the flight is taken over by 9W on May 1, what will be the routing of the B77W aircraft? Will the flight operate from india to JFK via Abu Dhabi? or will the flight originate and terminate in Abu Dhabi?
    • “The routing effective May 1, 2014 will be a Delhi – Abu Dhabi – New York JFK and return.”

It remains unclear whether the flight will have a Jet Airways flight number. New York JFK is not available as a destination on the Jet Airways website. We queried on when New York would be listed as a destination or when this new flight would be listed, the airline spokesperson replied “In due course”.

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  1. This will become really powerful for EY & 9W once the US Border Control Clearance Facility opens up in Abu Dhabi. Any idea when is that commencing?

    • There was this photo. 🙂

      James Hogan says, by this year, hopefully, US-PC should be in operation.

  2. @vishal I think currently all American Airlines are opposing the clearance facilities being opened in other counties. I think Ireland has such a facility already.

  3. I think the point here is connectivity of the India market to the USA and more importantly the utilization of the Jet Airways wide body fleet. I am sure these will be extended to other US destinations in addition to the scissors operation to the GCC.

  4. Look at the schedule this provides EY between AUH and JFK. Perfectly matching the capacity EK throws at JFK with the dual schedule option to connect to the midnight bank at AUH. The connectivity on EY to/from SE Asia and even some of Africa is excellent at that bank.

    However as mentioned the feed needs to be built up by 9W narrowbodies from India (particularly BLR/HYD which aren’t in the first round of feeders for some reason)

  5. BLR-AUH announced, 01/03/2014.

  6. I flew this route recently and opted for the Jet equipment Vs. Etihad and for good reason. The EY100101 is Etihad equipment and though newer, very uncomfortable in the coach class. They have 3-4-3 and no snackdrinks bar. The crew is rather plasticky and not very friendly. On the other hand with EY102EY103 (Jet equipment), the crew is extremely friendly, genuinely cares for your comfort, the seating is 3-3-3 (18″ seats and wider aisles) and a snackdrink bar in the middle of the coach class. The best part is the arrival at JFK is AFTER the peak-traffic on the belt-pway, so driving back home is extremely easy compared to the late afternoon arrival of EY101. I have decided to stick EY102103 so long as they retain the Jet equipment.