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Indigo begins domestic flights from Mumbai T2, adds three international flights – Bangalore Aviation

Indigo begins domestic flights from Mumbai T2, adds three international flights

Low-cost carrier Indigo has announced that it will begin 20 new domestic flights from Mumbai and three international flights.

The airline is adding international flights to Damman, Jeddah and Abu Dhabi, all of which were previously destinations served by Jet’s 737 fleet.

The new domestic flights will be operated by the airline from Mumbai’s Terminal 2. Rival airlines have been rapidly taking over the unfilled slots left by Jet Airways, which operates out of Terminal 2. To take over these slots Indigo would have been forced to operate out of the terminal due to lack of space at Terminal 1.

Since the airline already operates international flights out of the terminal, it should not be difficult for them to manage the split operation which they also do in New Delhi.

Domestic flights from terminal two appear to be numbered 6E 53XX.

Timetable of new Indigo flights from Mumbai

Flight No. Origin Destination Frequency Effective Departure Arrival
6E 1831 Mumbai Jeddah Daily 5-Jun-19 12:35 15:20
6E 1832 Jeddah Mumbai Daily 5-Jun-19 16:20 00:20
6E 1835 Mumbai Abu Dhabi Daily 15-May-19 06:20 08:05
6E 1834 Abu Dhabi Mumbai Daily 15-May-19 23:30 04:20
6E 1837 Mumbai Dammam Daily 15-Jul-19 07:35 09:15
6E 1838 Dammam Mumbai Daily 15-Jul-19 10:30 16:30
6E 5371 Mumbai Vadodara Daily 15-Apr-19 05:05 06:25
6E 5372 Vadodara Mumbai Daily 15-Apr-19 07:00 08:15
6E 5373 Mumbai Patna Daily 15-Apr-19 09:05 11:35
6E 5374 Patna Mumbai Daily 15-Apr-19 12:05 14:45
6E 5375 Mumbai Hyderabad Daily 15-Apr-19 15:25 16:55
6E 5376 Hyderabad Mumbai Daily 15-Apr-19 17:40 19:25
6E 5377 Mumbai Kochi Daily 15-Apr-19 20:45 22:45
6E 5377 Mumbai Nagpur Daily 4-May-19 20:45 22:20
6E 5378 Mumbai Varanasi Daily 15-Apr-19 05:15 07:40
6E 5379 Varanasi Mumbai Daily 15-Apr-19 08:20 11:00
6E 5381 Mumbai Bhopal Daily 15-Apr-19 12:15 13:40
6E 5382 Bhopal Mumbai Daily 15-Apr-19 14:10 15:35
6E 5383 Mumbai Bengaluru Daily 15-Apr-19 16:30 18:20
6E 5384 Bengaluru Mumbai Daily 15-Apr-19 21:10 23:20
6E 5385 Kochi Mumbai Daily 15-Apr-19 04:25 06:35
6E 5385 Nagpur Mumbai Daily 5-May-19 05:00 06:35
6E 5386 Mumbai Indore Daily 15-Apr-19 07:15 08:40
6E 5387 Indore Mumbai Daily 15-Apr-19 09:45 11:10
6E 5388 Mumbai Nagpur Daily 15-Apr-19 11:50 13:25
6E 5389 Nagpur Mumbai Daily 15-Apr-19 15:30 17:05
6E 5391 Mumbai Chennai Daily 15-Apr-19 18:05 20:15
6E 5392 Chennai Mumbai Daily 15-Apr-19 20:50 23:00
6E 5393 Hyderabad Mumbai Daily 5-Jun-19 13:10 14:50
6E 5394 Mumbai Hyderabad Daily 5-Jun-19 15:25 17:00
6E 5395 Bengaluru Mumbai 1.34567 5-Jun-19 13:45 15:35
6E 5396 Mumbai Bengaluru 1.34567 5-Jun-19 16:30 18:20

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