AirAsia adds more flights from Delhi, Pune, Srinagar and Hyderabad

Low-cost carrier AirAsia has announced eight new flights across its existing network. The new flights will begin on 1 February 2019.

The carrier will add a morning and evening service between Delhi and Hyderabad. AirAsia is also adding a second flight each between New Delhi and Pune and Srinagar.

Time table of new AirAsia flights

Flight No Station From Departure Time Station To Arrival Time
i5 718 New Delhi 06:05 Hyderabad 08:15
i5 719 Hyderabad 08:45 New Delhi 11:00
i5 712 New Delhi 12:15 Srinagar 13:35
i5 713 Srinagar 14:00 New Delhi 15:35
i5 726 New Delhi 17:50 Hyderabad 20:00
i5 727 Hyderabad 20:25 New Delhi 22:25
i5 735 New Delhi 22:55 Pune 00:55
i5 736 Pune 01:30 New Delhi 03:40

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