AirAsia India to restart operations from Chennai

Low cost carrier AirAsia India is relaunching flights to Chennai as it’s 17th destination. Chennai was one of the original destinations of the airline when it had first begun it’s India operations. The airline is also inducting it’s 15th Airbus A320.

The airline will operate three daily flights between Bangalore and Chennai and 2 daily flights between Chennai and Bhubaneshwar effective 24th February 2018.

Amar Abrol, MD & CEO, AirAsia India
“We ended 2017 on a highly positive note and are delighted to continue the same momentum in 2018. We are happy to make this announcement in the first quarter of 2018, and reinforce our commitment to enhancing connectivity and making air travel affordable to one & all. Chennai has always been close to our heart since we started off from there and has always been a popular route among guests. We expect that the Chennai – Bhubaneswar route will boost religious/cultural tourism from both markets. On a personal note as well, this is our Pongal gift to our Allstar family from the region and our fan base in Chennai!”

AirAsia is offering promotional fares starting from INR 1299 and INR 2699 for flights between Bangalore and Chennai and Bhubaneshwar and Chennai respectively.

Flight Number Departure Arrival STD STA Days
I5 2389 Bangalore Chennai 7:25 8:30 134567
I5 2388 Chennai Bhubhaneswar 9:00 10:40 134567
I5 2387 Bhubhaneswar Chennai 11:05 12:50 134567
I5 2386 Chennai Bangalore 13:15 14:05 134567
I5 2385 Bangalore Chennai 14:35 15:35 134567
I5 2384 Chennai Bangalore 16:00 16:55 134567
I5 2389 Bangalore Chennai 7:25 8:25 2
I5 2386 Chennai Bangalore 9:00 10:00 2
I5 2385 Bangalore Chennai 10:25 11:20 2
I5 2388 Chennai Bhubhaneswar 11:45 13:35 2
I5 2387 Bhubhaneswar Chennai 14:05 15:45 2
I5 2384 Chennai Bangalore 16:10 17:05 2
I5 2383 Bangalore Chennai 17:30 18:30 1234567
I5 2382 Chennai Bhubhaneswar 19:05 20:45 1234567
I5 2381 Bhubhaneswar Chennai 21:15 23:00 1234567
I5 2380 Chennai Bangalore 23:35 0:35 1234567

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