Russian An-148 crashes after takeoff from Moscow

An An-148 of Saratov Airlines, has crashed five minutes after departing from Moscow. The aircraft was performing a scheduled flight 6W 703 from Moscow Domodedovo Airport to the city of Orsk.

From ADSB data the flight appeared to climb to an altitude of 6200 feet before descending to 3250 feet where signal was lost.

The aircraft registered RA-61704 was a nearly eight year old Antonov An-148-100B which first flew in May 2010 and was delivered to Rossiya – Russian Airlines in Jun 2010. It was delivered to Saratov in Feb 2017.

Saratov airlines is an airline based at Saratov Tsentralny Airport. It operates a fleet of six An-148’s and two Embraer ERJ-190’s.

The airline was banned from flying international flights after a surprise inspection found a person who was not part of the flight crew in the cockpit. In 2016 the airline began flying international charters again.

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