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Lounge Review: The Lounge by Luxair Luxembourg – Bangalore Aviation

Lounge Review: The Lounge by Luxair Luxembourg

My flight from Luxembourg to London was departing at 1130, by misjudging the time needed to reach the airport I had reached reasonably early.

After quickly checking in at the British airways business class desk, I asked the agent if I would be able to access the lounge. I was quite surprised that she didn’t know if I could since my elite status was on American and not British Airways and asked me to check at the lounge itself.

After going through a funny line where Luxair agents were checking boarding passes of every departing passenger and then weighing cabin baggage of Luxair passengers, I got into the security queue and was through in roughly five minutes. (Side note – I’m happy I didn’t fly Luxair like I had originally planned because they were stopping anybody with cabin baggage over 7kg on the dot. BA’s liberal cabin baggage policy is definitely one of the airline’s better aspects.)

Luxembourg’s Findel Airport doesn’t give you a choice of lounges with the only lounge at the airport being “The Lounge by Luxair”.

Entry Qualifications

When I reached the lounge, I presented the agent by boarding pass and the physical AAdvantage frequent flyer card. For those not flying business class, you must present your physical frequent flyer card to access the lounge. The agent immediately confirmed I could use the lounge, but took over five minutes to type in a bunch of things looking over the boarding and FFP cards. After completing whatever she was typing in, she returned by cards and pointed me into the lounge.

The lounge is accessible by business class passengers, entitled frequent flyers as per their airline’s policy and is also accessible as part of the priority pass program.

Lounge Layout

The lounge is one rectangular hall with a variety of seating divided by small partitions which make the seating areas feel private. One wall of the lounge has a buffet and bar setup while the entire opposite wall is glass and overlooks the tarmac and runway of the airport.

Panoramic view of the lounge and it's view.
Panoramic view of the lounge and it’s view. Click on the image for a bigger view.

The lounge has a variety of seating options from standard sofas, dinning tables, recliner chairs and a couple of massage chairs. Of course as usual by favorite were the chairs by the window even though they were not the most comfortable in the lounge. The view from the lounge is fantastic, I just wished that the airport was busier to really take advantage of it.

Comfy recliners at the lounge.
Comfy recliners at the lounge.
Comfy recliners at the lounge.
Comfy recliners at the lounge.
A couple of massage chairs if your so desire.
A couple of massage chairs if your so desire.


The food selection at the lounge doesn’t offer any warm selections. It does have a large spread of cold cuts, fruits, cereal and fresh croissants and other breads. The quality of the food was very good. The lounge also had the best coffee I’ve had in any lounge across the globe.

Fruits and Jams.
Fruits, cereals, yogurts and jams.
Fresh breads.
Fresh breads.
A selection of cold cuts and cheeses.
A selection of cold cuts and cheeses.

The bar had a good selection of spirits and a range of beers along with soft drinks and juices. The wine selection included a red wine, two whites, a rose and a sparkling wine.

The bar at "The Lounge"
The bar at “The Lounge”
The bar at "The Lounge"
The bar at “The Lounge”

The lounge has a attached toilet which is clean and modern.

Unfortunately the lounge is before immigration and I had completely forgotten that I needed to go through immigration on a flight to London. Luckily with Luxembourg airport being so small, I was at the through immigration and at the gate with some refrigerator magnets from the duty free on the way with some time to spare.


The Lounge by Luxair is a very good lounge. The food was very good and the view is fantastic. The coffee is fantastic.

The lounge is bright and has a nice atmosphere. All in all, I would definitely like to use this lounge again if I was flying through Luxembourg.

About Vedant Agarwal

A frequent flyer for both work and pleasure - Vedant has held elite status on many of the major alliances and airlines. Also an avid aviation photographer, his pictures have been published in and on the covers of many international publications.

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