Flight disruptions at Kolkata expected due to 24 hour bandh

Bandhs are the bane of Indian politics. Forcing entire states to shut-down it is a drag on the Indian economy. Nowhere is the effect of a bandh stronger than the communist stronghold of the state of West Bengal and its capital Kolkata (IATA: CCU).

A 24 hour bandh has been called for starting 06:00 September 7th, and ending September 8th. The bandh will cause disruption of daily activities including no transport to and from Kolkata’s Netaji Subhash airport, and naturally, there will be significant flight disruptions.

Kingfisher Airlines has already announced a cancellation of 29 flights and re-scheduling of two flights.

The cancelled flights for September 7, 2010
1. IT 511 Mumbai – Kolkata
2. IT 512 Kolkata – Mumbai
3. IT 607 New Delhi – Kolkata
4. IT 608 Kolkata – New Delhi
5. IT 603 New Delhi – Kolkata
6. IT 604 Kolkata – New Delhi
7. IT 4573 Kolkata – Ranchi
8. IT 4574 Ranchi – Kolkata
9. IT 2192 Kolkata – Aizwal
10. IT 2193 Aizwal – Kolkata
11. IT 4541 Kolkata – Agartala
12. IT 4542 Agartala – Kolkata
13. IT 2804 Kolkata – Raipur
14. IT 2803 Raipur – Kolkata
15. IT 2501 Kolkata – Bhubaneswar
16. IT 2502 Bhubaneswar – Kolkata
17. IT 2502 Kolkata – Guwahati
18. IT 2812 Guwahati – Kolkata
19. IT 2531 Kolkata – Bagdogra
20. IT 2532 Bagdogra – Kolkata
21. IT 2503 Kolkata – Bhubaneswar
22. IT 2504 Bhubaneswar – Kolkata
23. IT 4577 Kolkata – Ranchi
24. IT 4578 Ranchi – Kolkata
25. IT 073 Kolkata – Dhaka
26. IT 074 Dhaka – Kolkata
27. IT 4805 Kolkata – Imphal
28. IT 4805 Imphal – Silchar
29. IT 4805 Silchar – Kolkata

IT 3434 Kolkata – Hyderabad which usually departs Kolkata at 06:50 will now depart Kolkata on September 7, 2010 at an EARLIER TIME of 05:35 and will arrive at Hyderabad at 07:30.

IT 3416 Bangalore – Kolkata originally scheduled to depart Bangalore on September 7 at 20:40 will now depart Bangalore at 04:00 on September 8,and arrive at Kolkata at 06:15 September 8th.

Jet Airways, Konnect and JetLite have also announced a disruption to their schedules for September 7th.

The cancelled Jet Airways flights are as follows:

9W-065/066 Bangkok-Kolkata-Bangkok
9W-615/616 Mumbai-Kolkata-Mumbai
9W-2278/2279 Kolkata-Delhi-Kolkata
9W-2480/2481 Kolkata-Bagdogra-Kolkata
9W-913/914 Kolkata–Delhi-Kolkata
9W-2451/2452 Kolkata–Bengaluru- Kolkata
9W-2153/2154 Mumbai-Kolkata–Guwahati- Kokata
9W-2157 Kolkata-Mumbai
9W-2401/2019 Kolkata–Mumbai-Kolkata
9W-2482/2483 Kolkata–Guwahati-Kolkata
9W-2852/2853 Kolkata–Patna-Kolkata
9W-2850/2851 Kolkata–Bhubaneshwar-Kolkata
9W-2856/2857 Kolkata–Ranchi-Kolkata
9W-2854/2855 Kolkata–Patna-Kolkata
9W 2151/2152 Mumbai-Kolkata-Mumbai
9W 2454/2455 Chennai-Kolkata-Chennai
9W 217/218 Mumbai- Kolkata-Mumbai
9W 2282/2283 Delhi-Kolkata-Delhi
9W 2289/2290 Delhi-Kolkata-Delhi
9W 2450/2453 Chennai-Kolkata-Chennai

The re-scheduled Jet Airways flights are as follows:

9W-2285 Delhi-Bagdogra-Guwahati-Delhi will operate as Delhi-Guwahati-Delhi as per the following schedule:
9W-2285 will depart Delhi at 1115 hrs, arriving in Guwahati at 1345 hrs
9W-2285 Guwahati-Delhi will depart as per schedule.

9W-274 Kolkata-Dhaka has been pre-poned and will now depart Kolkata at 0530 hrs, arriving in Dhaka at 0645 hrs. (local time).

9W-273 Dhaka-Kolkata of September 7, 2010 stands postponed and will now operate on September 8, 2010 as per the following schedule:
9W 273 will depart Dhaka at 0530 hrs, arriving in Kolkata at 0545 hrs. (local time).

Similarly, JetLite flights have also been cancelled as follows:

S2-371/372 Kolkata-Agartala-Kolkata
S2-363/364 Kolkata-Guwahati-Imphal-Guwahati-Kolkata
S2-364/402 Kolkata-Bengaluru-Kolkata
S2-361/702 Kolkata-Guwahati-Kolkata-Mumbai
S2-703/704/705 Mumbai-Kolkata-Mumbai-Kolkata
S2-319/320 Delhi-Kolkata-Port Blair-Kolkata-Delhi
S2-6411/6252 Kolkata-Vishakhapatnam-Chennai
S2-6251/6218 Chennai-Vishakhapatnam-Delhi
S2-6217/6412 Delhi-Vishakhapatnam-Kolkata
S2-6367/6368 Kolkata-Bhubaneshwar-Kolkata

Passengers can expect similar disruptions on other airlines like Air India, IndiGo, SpiceJet, GoAir and others. Please check with your airline.

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