Daily Archives: September 14, 2010

Video: Delta 747 crashes into tow tractor at New York JFK airport

Liveleak has a video of a Delta Airlines Boeing 747-400 (inherited from Northwest) crashing and pushing a tow tractor at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport instead of the other way around. The jarring incident (pun intended) seems to have occurred on August 14th. The video appears to be from a surveillance camera. As the plane pulls up to its …

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Analysis of fleet share vs. passenger share in the Indian airline industry

Every month passengers are bombarded with statistics by various airlines in India. Best on-time performance, largest market share, most preferred airline …… the list is endless. Mathematical logic would dictate that an airline with the largest fleet of aircraft will have also have the largest share of the market, but an analysis of the passenger market share vs. the fleet …

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