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IndiGo re-imposes fuel surcharge on domestic flights

Indigo Airbus A320neo VT-ITC. Copyrighted image. Re-use prohibited.

Marking an increase in airfares thanks to rising global oil prices, India’s largest domestic airline IndiGo has re-imposed a fuel surcharge on all domestic flights from today. The Indian Rupee has also been under pressure and has been steadily declining against the Dollar. With the airline claiming a 25% increase in Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) prices, IndiGo will impose a …

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Someone please explain Air India’s reported fuel hedging plan?

Air India Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner line number 35 test registered N1015 (later became VT-ANH) at the India Aviation show, Hyderabad March 2012. Photo copyright Devesh Agarwal.

On January 19th, Bloomberg reported that national carrier Air India will commence large scale fuel hedging for the first time. The story was promptly picked up and reported by many leading Indian newspapers the next morning, including The Business Standard and The Mint. As per the story, “Air India is hedging 2 million barrels of aviation turbine fuel annually at …

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Tech Tuesdays: Are Boeing 777-200LRs “fuel guzzlers”?

Air India Boeing 777-237LR VT-ALF Jharkand at New Delhi IGI airport. Photo copyright Vedant Agarwal, all rights reserved. Used with permission.

Air India ordered for eight Boeing 777-200LRs in 2005, along with 15 Boeing 777-300ERs. The first 777-200LR arrived in the July of 2007, and all eight were delivered by end of August, 2009. Barely six and a half years later, the first five Boeing 777s have been sold to Etihad, at a “throwaway” price, because Air India felt that the …

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Delta Air Lines reports strong September traffic results

by BA StaffAmerican full service carrier Delta Air Lines reported its traffic results for September 2013. Unit passenger revenues continued the summer’s strong performance, increasing 5.5% year over year. Highlights include: 5.5% increase in passenger revenue per available seat mile (PRASM) Projected September quarter per gallon fuel price: $2.98 – $3.03 September mainline completion factor 99.9% September on time performance: …

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Ryanair discontinues legal actions against Belfast Telegraph

Ryanair has dropped legal proceedings against the Belfast Telegraph after the paper issue an apology to the carrier about a number of false claims made in an article posted on the Telegraph website on August 6th. Find the details below. 19th August 2013 RYANAIR WELCOMES BELFAST TELEGRAPH APOLOGYRyanair, Europe’s only ultra-low cost carrier (ULCC), today (19 Aug) welcomed an apology …

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Jet Airways uses Boeing 737 Performance Improvement Package and other measures to reduce fuel consumption

For little over a year now, US airframer Boeing, has been offering a ‘Performance Improvement Package’ (PIP) on its best selling 737NG aircraft. This includes the 737-800, 737-700 and 737-900ER, operated, in India, by the Jet Airways group and SpiceJet. PIP combines aerodynamic and engine performance improvements to reduce fuel burn by up to 2%. Boeing began performance improvement testing …

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SpiceJet Fiscal Year 11-12 Financial Analysis – Too much growth and high fuel prices offset strong cost discipline

As with all of the Indian airlines, Delhi based low cost carrier SpiceJet faced disappointing financial results in the fourth quarter and full year of fiscal year 2012, posting a net loss of Rs. 605.8 Crore for FY 11-12 and Rs. 249.2 for Q4. After large net losses at India’s two other publicly traded carriers Kingfisher and Jet Airways, SpiceJet’s …

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How India’s airline market lost its way

The following was posted as a guest post over at The Wandering Aramean, a great travel blog written by Seth Miller which also doubles as a travel tool site. Be sure to check his site out, and stay tuned, as we will have some guest content from him this week. When India’s Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines, and SpiceJet all recently …

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Kingfisher fiscal year 2012 results analysis. Will Kingfisher Airlines survive?

When Kingfisher Airlines, once India’s second largest domestic airline, reported a Rs. 2,328 Crore (1 Crore = 10 Million) net post-tax loss for fiscal year 2012, it was simply an affirmation of the dire straits that a once proud airline has fallen into. Of the Rs. 2,328 Crore net loss, a whopping Rs. 1151.5 Crores were lost in the fourth …

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Analysis of Kingfisher’s Q1 Results

Continuing the series of Indian carrier financial analyses, today we take a look at Kingfisher. Previous Analyses: SpiceJet Following the trend of most Indian carriers, Kingfisher posted a drop in net income; facing a net pretax loss of Rs. 3.90 billion vs. a pretax loss of Rs. 2.64 billion in Q1 2011. As compared to SpiceJet, Kingfisher did not see …

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India Budget 2010: Impact on the aviation sector

Keeping in mind the five year term of the Lok Sabha, the first year is the thank you budget, years two and three are the hard and bold budgets, year four is the status-quo budget, and year five is the populist budget meant to garner votes. With coalition politics in full sway, the union budget is also now subject to …

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Strike threat by private Indian airlines fizzles out – why it was doomed to fail

Within the weekend the threatened strike action by the Federation of Indian Airlines (FIA) on August 18th has fizzled out. On Friday July 31, the FIA members barring state owned Air India, took India by storm and announced they would suspend all domestic flights on August 18th in protest of the vindictive tax policies on the aviation industry specifically aviation …

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Indian airlines still owe $445 million to oil companies

The Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas, Mr Murli Deora, informed the Lok Sabha (lower house of the Indian parliament) that Indian domestic airlines Kingfisher Airlines, Jet Airways, National Aviation Company of India Ltd (Air India), Paramount and SpiceJet, still owe a whopping Rs. 2,225.52 Crore ($445 million) to the stated owned oil marketing companies Indian Oil Corporation, Hindustan Petroleum …

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Airlines face future oil shock during recovery period

It is difficult to believe that the global economic slowdown commenced one year ago. Since July 2008, airlines across the world began to cut back on their seat capacity, and parking their aircraft. In it’s July 2009 report on trends in the supply of airline flights and seats, the Official Airline Guide OAG reported that airlines are offering 315 million …

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Flights disrupted across India as Hyderabad airport re-fuelling system fails

Airline flight schedules went haywire on Monday, due to a re-fuelling problem at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) at Hyderabad. A technical hitch in the fuel hydrant system of Reliance, the fuel franchisee, led to disruptions and delaying almost all the morning flights by up to two hours. 27 flights were delayed due to ‘pressurisation problem’ in the Reliance …

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Oil companies force ‘cash and carry’ terms on Kingfisher while letting Air India slide

Kingfisher is the largest defaulting private airline in India, and this has finally caught up with it. State owned oil marketing companies (OMCs), who claim they are owed about Rs. 1,000 Crore ($200 million), have enforced ‘cash and carry’ payment terms on the airline, since it has not cleared its dues, even after the extended 90 day payment terms. Kingfisher …

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Air New Zealand conducts biofuel flight

The much publicised bio-fuel test flight of Air New Zealand was conducted successfully. Congratulations to the teams at Air New Zealand, Boeing, Rolls Royce, and UOP division of Honeywell. The blend of fuel was 50% Jet A-1, and 50% Jatropha oil. The Jatropha plant is grown extensively in India, and bio-diesel is slowly inching its way in to the market. …

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Kingfisher to slash fares January 1

PTI reports, Kingfisher Airlines, has said that it would effect fare cut across its network from January 1. Without specifying the quantum of reduction in fares, in a statement today, Kingfisher Airlines Chairman, Dr. Vijay Mallya said Kingfisher Airlines will begin the New Year on an aggressive note by slashing fares on its network, The current low prices of Air …

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British Airways and Virgin reduce fuel surcharges

British Airways and Virgin Atlantic Airways have announced a reduction in their fuel surcharges because of the falling price of oil. The reductions apply on tickets purchased beginning Thursday, and the airlines are not offering refunds to customers who booked flights earlier at the higher price. British Airways is reducing the charge on World Traveler (economy) class flights of nine …

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Jet fuel supply problem at Christchurch airport

Singapore Airlines has issued a flight alert for its Christchurch Singapore services. Apparently Christchurch airport is currently providing only limited supplies of jet fuel to airlines as a result of a fuel supply problem. This problem is affecting all airlines operating from Christchurch. As a result, Singapore Airlines is unable to uplift sufficient fuel each day to allow for its …

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