Lion air charters a ship to search for #JT610 black box

Indonesian carrier Lion Air has chartered a ship from a Dutch company to search for the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) of JT610.

JT610 crashed on 29 October, when the brand new Boeing 737 MAX crashed into the ocean minutes after its takeoff from Jakarta.

The carrier has said that the ship MPV Everest, will arrive in the Indonesian town of Karawang on 19 December, after it was delayed departing from the Malaysian city of Johor Bahru due to bad weather on 15 December. The ship departed on 17 December.

The airline has sanctioned Rp. 38 Billion (about $2.6 million) towards the search. The ship is expected to search the last mapped area for the CVR for 10 days.

The airline has directly funded the search after reports that Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC) did not have funds to continue the investigation. 

An anonymous source told Reuters that the NTSC has “no further funds to rent the ship,” making a reference to the need to obtain specialised equipment for the search.

Lion Air’s insurers were also reportedly reluctant to pay for the ship which prompted the airline to directly fund the search. 

“The advanced search effort is a form of Lion Air’s commitment and is based on requests from family members.” – in a statement from the airline.

The search will be supervised by members of the NTSC despite having optained the funding from Lion Air.

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