Video: Water cannon salute for Saudi Airlines goes wrong

It’s always a fantastic sight to see a special flight get a water cannon salute at an airport. A few weeks back (Not sure how I missed it then, but saw a retweet today) Dubai Airport to celebrate the 88th national day of Saudi Arabia performed a water cannon salute for an arriving Saudi Airlines Airbus A320.

At the start of the salute everything seems to be going fine but suddenly one trick seems to lose control of it’s spray. While spraying water everywhere, the fire truck hits the aircraft with the jet causing the emergency slide to deploy.

It appears from the video that there was a technical problem with the water jet and some news outlets are reporting the same.

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With many airports having stopped water cannon salutes due to the wastage of water and pressure from environmental groups, it will be interesting to see if Dubai airport follows the trend after this incident.

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