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View of part of the ramp at Bangalore Airport at night.
View of part of the ramp at Bangalore Airport at night. Photo copyright Vedant Agarwal. Used with permission.

Boeing answers questions about aviation safety via this FAQ

I regularly get questions from novice fliers about various aspects of flying, especially with regards to safety.

US airframer Boeing has published an excellent “FAQ” (frequently asked questions) page for answering questions and concerns about aviation safety.

Some of the questions answered are:

  • Are four engined aircraft safer than two engined aircraft?
  • Are older aircraft safe to fly in?
  • Which part of the plane is safest to sit it?
  • Can someone open a door in-flight?

A couple of my answers, not as simple as Boeing’s.

  • All aircraft must to be able to take-off and fly with one engine failed. For twin-engined planes, that means flying on one engine, if needed. The world is moving towards fewer engines to reduce cost. Two big engines consume less fuel than four smaller ones.
  • No one can open the aircraft doors in-flight. You will see, on the ground when the door is opened, it moves a little bit inside and then it is angled and moved to the outside. When closing it is the reverse. The pressure inside the plane’s cabin is many times higher than the pressure outside. So there is no way to open the door.

I recommend media persons to also read this page. It provides an excellent orientation to civil aviation.

Read the Boeing FAQ.

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