Video: How Emirates builds its brand through sports

Sports fans are some of the most passionate people on earth, be it soccer around the world, baseball in the United States, or cricket in India. Cities around the world wear a deserted look whenever a match is played. Players are treated as demi-gods. The collective spirits of a nation rise and fall with the success or failure of their national team.

Brands across the world, especially those which are consumer focussed, tie-up with sports franchises and individuals as ambassadors and promoters. However very few airlines ventured in to the sports domain. All that changed with the Gulf carriers who have been actively investing in their brand building via sports’ sponsorships. Even India’s Jet Airways started collaborating with the Mumbai Indians of the Indian Premier League, only after Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways entered as a 24% stake-holding partner.

Dubai-based Emirates airline with its global presence, has a troupe of skilled flight attendants, who perform in sports arenas around the world. Artfully blending the in-flight safety demonstration with the terminology and performances of the particular sport, they tap sports fans of soccer, baseball or cricket, across the world.

The videos below, demonstrate the skilled performance of these ladies who bring roars and cheers from the packed stands. You will also observe in each performance, an element of local culture is integrated in to the performance. Football scarves in Europe. High-fives in the United States. Bhangra music and moves in India.

Emirates and soccer

Here watch the talented troupe perform in front of soccer fans of the Portuguese club, Benfica and show some excellent ball control to the fans of German soccer club Hamburger SV (HSV).

Emirates and baseball

The Los Angeles Dodgers are one of the most iconic teams in Major League Baseball in the United States. The troupe entertains the fans, and throws a pitch to the catcher, a feat which while looking simple, requires significant prowess.

Emirates and cricket

Finally, the game that consumes the Indian sub-continent, one of Emirates’ largest markets. The troupe performed at the ICC World Twenty20 2016 finals on April 3rd at the hallowed Eden Gardens in Kolkata.

Hope your enjoyed the videos. How successful are these ladies in building the Emirates’ brand? Your thoughts on the videos? Please feel free to comment.

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