Saturday , 24 October 2020

Priority Pass crosses 900 lounges, shows strongest year growth

Priority Pass, world’s largest independent airport lounge access program has crossed 900 airport lounges. It has also shown highest growth in a year by adding 51 lounges so far. Its continued success in Asia Pacific is yet another contributor to its fast growth as the program has added 24 lounges this year alone with a total of 80 since last January. Out of these additions, 60 are based in China; others placed in growing economic hubs of Cambodia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand, as well as New Zealand.

Apart from growth in the Asian region, 22 lounges were added in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Other locations covered by the program include significant locations such as New York JFK, San Francisco and Orlando.

Priority Pass provides airport lounge access to its members where frequent travellers can enjoy access irrespective of class of travel or airline. With a lounge in almost every destination, members can enjoy uniform access, complimentary food and drink, free Wi-Fi (in most places), multilingual staff service and other options. The latest app includes the Digital Membership card each member is provided with to access lounges located anywhere across the world.

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