Air India Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner line number 35 test registered N1015 (later became VT-ANH) at the India Aviation show, Hyderabad March 2012. Photo copyright Devesh Agarwal.
Air India Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner line number 35 test registered N1015 (later became VT-ANH) at the India Aviation show, Hyderabad March 2012.

Air India Dreamliner grounded at Birmingham for 10 days

It is like a non-stop litany. Another Air India Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner has been grounded. This time VT-ANK is AOG (aircraft on ground) since February 6, 2015, 10 days ago when it last operated flight AI-113 from New Delhi to Birmingham, UK.

As per sources, the grounding was caused due to a fault in the C duct of the engine thrust reverser section on its GE GEnx engine. The fault happened due to an inspection plug not being fitted correctly by Air India’s engineering personnel.

We are given to understand that a thrust reverser is being obtained from United Technologies Aerospace Systems as a replacement. A lack of part availability could be the reason for this lengthy delay.

All of Air India’s twin-jet aircraft (Boeing 777s and 787s) are fitted with General Electric power-plants and covered by the engine manufacturer’s OnPoint service agreement. However thrust reversers are not considered part of the core engine and therefore may not be covered under the agreement.

Multiple calls, SMS and an email to Air India seeking clarity on the situation, reasons and likely repair date remain unanswered for over three days. Whatever be the reason, having a hundred million dollar asset sitting idle on the ground for 10 days is just a sheer waste.

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  1. No the real question is. Why is Air India the only airline out there having Major issues with there Dreamliners still. No other airline is having to ground there planes or take them out of service or make them sit around for 10-12 months. I think Air India needs to either maintain the planes as there suppose to or get rid of them all together.

  2. Perhaps it is the only airline in my know to have a lot of problems to aircrafts i.e.

  3. It’s an un-ending circus with AI…..Is it ever gonna stop?

  4. There are reports that UATS didn’t have part in stock. Not sure what prompted the spin about financial issues. Are customers supposed to buy and stock for themselves. No one does it.

    Damage to thrust reverse is also not uncommon on almost all jet engines. Again not sure about negative spin on maintenance. Could be a pmAI employee at BOM complaining about pmIA maintenance at DEL.

    I am sure it could use part from one of the other 787s under maintenance, that would result in different spin. I guess there is no way out.

  5. VT-ANH gone Tech in Sydney. Was towed to a Qantas Hangar this evening 3/3/2015.