Vistara crew members flank Ms Rashmi Soni Head Corporate Communication Mr Vistara CEO Phee Teik Yeoh and CCO Giam Ming Toh introducing the new cabins
Vistara CEO Phee Teik Yeoh and CCO Giam Ming Toh introducing the new cabins

Tata-Singapore Airlines joint venture airline Vistara commences flights today

The much anticipated launch of Vistara, the airline promoted by the Tata and Singapore Airlines joint venture in is the process of commencing its first flight today. It will be the third full service carrier in India after Jet Airways and Air India. Ironically both these airlines have a connection to the Tatas in the past. Jet is widely suspected of using its political clout to ensure the plans of the Tatas and Singapore Airlines to float an airline in the early 1990’s did not fructify, and Air India was once owned by the Tatas before the Nehru government nationalised it in 1953, and the Morarji Desai government booted out the airline’s founder JRD Tata as Chairman in 1978.

Vistara flight UK890 from New Delhi to Mumbai is in the process of check-in and is scheduled to depart at 12:30 today, a little over one hour from now. The airline is promising a seamless and personalised travel experience and our team member Vedant is on the inaugural flight to bring you a full report.

Vistara will be the first airline to formally introduce a premium economy class. The business and economy classes should be similar in terms of hard cabin product to what is already offered with the competitors. It will be the reaction to the premium economy that will be key to the success of the airline.

Feature comparison of cabins at Vistara. Graphic by Devesh Agarwal.
Feature comparison of cabins at Vistara. Graphic by Devesh Agarwal.

Vistara will rely on partner Singapore Airlines, world renowned for its service experience, to manage the airline. One can expect Vistara to learn from the Singaporeans the art of addressing their premium passengers by their name, courtesy of a seat print-out with passenger names placed at the bottom of the tray the crew would carry.

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