The first 737 MAX fuselage stringer.
Joggle Press operator Rich Harrison prepares the first 737 MAX fuselage stringer for the press by brushing on lubricant. The press applies up to 100 tons of pressure to form small jogs in the metal to engineering design specifications. Boeing Image.

Boeing begins to manufacture the first parts for the 737 MAX

Boeing has started production of the first parts destined for the new 737 MAX. The fuselage stringers are being manufactured at Boeing Fabrication Integrated AeroStructures in Auburn, Washington. The stringers run the length of the fuselage structure giving it stability and strength.

After forming, the stringers will be sent to Spirit Aerosystems in Wichita, Kansas for incorporation into the first 737 MAX fuselage. From there the fuselage will be shipped to Boeing Field in Renton, Washington where the 737 MAX will be built. The program is on track to begin final assembly of the first 737 MAX in 2015. The airplane these parts are destined for will be part of the flight test fleet and is scheduled to fly in 2016.

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