User Development Fee (UDF) and Passenger Service Fee (PSF) charges at various Indian airports
User Development Fee (UDF), Passenger Service Fee (PSF), Airport Development Fee (ADF) charges at various Indian airports. Click on image for a larger view.

Infographic: User Development Fee charges across Indian airports

The infographic above shows a detail of the User Development Fee (UDF), Airport Development Fee (ADF) now called Development Fee, and the Passenger Service Fee (PSF) charged at various airports across India both privately operated like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, and AAI (Airports Authority of India) run like Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Chennai, Guwahati, Jaipur, Mangalore, Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), Tiruchirapally, Udaipur, Varanasi, and Vishakhapatnam. A high resolution version of the infographic can be downloaded here.

New Delhi airport is the most expensive in India with separate UDFs charged on arrivals and departures which are variable based on the great circle distance of the origin or destination city. In addition a development fee, and a passenger service fee is also charged. If you would like to work out the distances, Air India has produced two nice PDFs with most world cities which are categorised on their distances from New Delhi. Download the domestic cities distance PDF here, and the international one here.

Travel Date 15May12-31Mar13 1Apr13-31Mar14
Category Short Haul Medium Haul Long Haul Short Haul Medium Haul Long Haul
Distance up to 2000 km 2001-5000 km Above 5000 km up to 2000 km 2001-5000 km Above 5000 km
Ticket issued in Indian Rupees INR INR INR INR INR INR
Departure 600 950 1200 635.32 1005.91 1270.62
Arrival 490 786 990 518.84 832.77 1048.26
Ticket issued in Foreign currency USD USD USD USD USD USD
Departure 11.84 18.75 23.69 12.54 19.85 25.08
Arrival 9.67 15.53 19.54 10.24 16.44 20.70
Travel Date 15May12-31Mar13 1Apr13-31Mar14
Category Short Haul Long Haul Short Haul Long Haul
Distance up to 500 km more than 500 km up to 500 km more than 500 km
Ticket issued in Indian Rupees INR INR INR INR
Departure 260 520 275.3 550.61
Arrival 220 440 232.94 465.9
Ticket issued in Foreign currency USD USD USD USD
Departure 5.13 10.27 5.44 10.87
Arrival 4.34 8.69 4.6 9.19

With the inauguration of the new T2 in Mumbai, travellers at the economic capital can expect to pay airport fees similar to New Delhi.

In case you would like to decode the taxes on your ticket. UDF is shown as IN, ADF/DF is shown as YM, and PSF is shown as WO. At most airports across India, PSF is normally included in the UDF amount.

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  1. Awesome!!!

  2. Just want to know if the article is concluded properly 🙂
    What about the PSFs at other airports ?

    • Hi Mohith, I really did not intend this as an article, but rather more like a direct infographic. Across most airports in India the PSF is included in the UDF.

      • Hi Devesh, please correct me if I’m wrong..
        Once we see our Ticket Receipts, we have both of these(UDF and PSF) being displayed separately. And Both of these have separate charges, isn’t it ?
        I feel the PSF is not included in the UDF 🙂

        • It depends which airports are involved. Could you share with me details? You are welcome to share information. Readers like you only add to the value of Bangalore Aviation with your contributions.

          I know Delhi and Chennai charge separate PSF and this is indicated in the infographic. At Bangalore PSF is included in the UDF, this was confirmed by BIAL. There is no clarity on whether separate PSF is charged by other AAI operated airports.

          • This is what I got from AERA:

            Passenger Service Fee is levied under rule 88 of the Indian Aircraft Rules 1937 which is collected by licensee from embarking passengers. It has two components, namely, Security Component and Facilitation Component. Security Component is utilised for incurring the expenditure in respect of the Aviation Security Force deployed at the airports and related equipments. The Facilitation Component is appropriated by the airport operator (s) towards services provided to the passengers at the airport. Further, Section 22 of the AAI Act empowers the AAI to charge fees for the amenities given to the passengers and visitors at any airport, civil enclave, heliport or airstrip.

            User Development Fee is levied under rule 89 of the Aircraft rules 1937. Though the rule does not prescribe the specific purpose of levy, UDF is conventionally levied to ensure fair return to the airport operators on the investments made for providing airport services. In other words, UDF is intended to cover any deficit in revenues so as to ensure fair return on investment.

          • So both of these are separate entities and both of these are charged separately.
            Every Indian airport both Private and Public operated will charge PSF.
            And Indian airports who are eligible to charge UDF will charge UDF.

          • If we see our Ticket Copies, we will find the UDF and PSF being charged separately under taxes 🙂
            Even if it is a flight from Bangalore we will find them being displayed.

          • Yes Devesh.. Bangalore Aviation is one awesome blog for leaners like me:-)
            One request, please add PSF to all the airports in the info graph, so that I will take a print and stick it on my desk!

  3. How does this compare to other airports in the region such as DXB, BKK, MCT, SIN, etc?

  4. Is BIAL justified in asking for higher UDF even though has not made any attempt to increase the non-Aero revenues? Even sitting on hundreds of acres of govt land. There is no sign of Airport Hotel as promised/contracted. Corporate Honchos who were on streets opposing BIAL location now suddenly have gone silent. Is it because the operator, GVK is one of our own?