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Video: Pilot asked to hold for “VIP movement” responds “We’re more important than they are”

A humorous way to start the week.

All of us in India has experienced a disruption in our lives due to “VIP movement”.

This video from Jenf777 on a humorous exchange between the air traffic controller at Boston’s Logan airport and the pilot of American Airlines 573. After hearing the exchange, all I could think, we need to get some more pilots like him in India, may then Indian airports will not be shut down for hours whenever there is a “VIP movement”.

ATC: American 573 Roger. Uh…let’s see. Hold your push [back]. Stay with me. You’ll be number three to push …… due to VIP movement …… the airport’s stopped.

AA573 Pilot: Due to what??

ATC: Uh..VIP movement.

AA573: What’s that?

ATC: That’s a Very Important Person that’s moving and nobody else can move.

AA573. We’re more important than they are.

ATC:  I wouldn’t argue with you, but you’ve got to stop right there for now.

Another ATC controller (which the AA pilot can hear): Air Force One [The US President’s plane] Boston Tower good morning. Winds three-two-zero at one three, runway four right, cleared for take-off.

Air Force One pilot: Air Force One cleared for take off four right, thanks.

What would be your rejoinder to the American Airlines pilot if you were the air traffic controller? Post a comment. Keep it humorous in the spirit of the story.

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