Daily Archives: December 4, 2012

GMR Maldives CEO refutes claims of Maldives government on handover of Male airport

The CEO of GMR Male International Airport Pvt. Ltd. (GMIAL), Andrew Harrison has put out a statement refuting claims of the Maldavian government of a smooth and orderly take over of Male airport operations by the government. I categorically refute the version of events being portrayed to the media in relation to the meeting this morning with GoM officials and …

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OPINION: Aviation at a Crossroads

The past couple of years have not been kind to the global aviation industry. Whether it’s the European union implementing a misguided carbon taxation scheme, the Indian government crushing its nascent airline industry under the weight of oppressive regulations and heavy fuel taxation, increased “NIMBY” (not-in-my-backyard : a term used to describe local residents who oppose aviation development near their …

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Video: Emirates aims to improve in-flight customer service using Windows 8 HP ElitePad 900 tablets

Dubai based Emirates airline, is deploying a line-of-business application for improving in-flight communication and customer relationship management. Called Knowledge-driven Inflight Service (KIS), the airline is equipping its in-flight Pursers with over 1,000 HP ElitePad 900 tablets running the KIS application on Windows 8. As the video below shows, the KIS application will download passenger data at the start of each …

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