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Delta’s 717 Delivery Schedule

In late May, the news broke that Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines would be leasing 88 Boeing 717-200s from its newly minted rival in Atlanta, Southwest Airlines. The Dallas based airline, which acquired the fleet of 717s from its merger with AirTran Airways (through which it also inherited a hub in Atlanta), had previously utilized only  a single fleet type (the …

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IndiGo firms up its contract with Pratt & Whitney to power its Airbus 320neos

The first day of the Farnborough Air Show has been relatively quiet on the orders front. But Pratt & Whitney has announced a slew of engine deals for Airbus’ A320neo, and included in the deal was a firming of the contract between P&W and India’s largest low cost carrier (LCC) IndiGo Airlines to provide PW1100G-JM (otherwise known as the Geared …

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BEA’s final report on the crash of Air France AF-447

Image courtesy BEA France’s Bureau of Investigations and Analysis’ (BEA) submitted its final report on the crash of Air France flight AF-447 flying from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, killing all 228 passengers and crew on-board. The final report essentially re-states what has already been released till date. The crash commenced with ice crystals blocking the pitot tubes, sending false …

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Opinion: Travel agents to charge service fee. A smart move, but they will have to earn it.

As domestic full service carriers like Air India and Jet Airways are cutting back on their commissions, travel agents in India have decided to charge a service charge of Rs 225 from July 16 on tickets of full service carriers, issued by them. In this age of skyrocketing expenses, airlines are desperately trying to curtail costs. Ticket distribution and sales …

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Air India pilot’s strike: Same old story. Taxpayers left holding the bag

Air India and members of the striking Indian Pilots Guild (IPG) appear to have reached an “agreement”. For more than 58 days, the pilots have defied the courts and struck work. After causing hundred of crores (billions) worth of additional losses to the national carrier, that is already on life support with taxpayer money, the pilots decided to call off …

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Qantas release new video advertisement, changes slogan

Australian national carrier Qantas has released a new video advertisement and with it a very subtle change in its slogan. We are used to seeing “Spirit of Australia” emblazoned on the side of every Qantas aircraft. Qantas A330-300 at Mumbai. Photo copyright Devesh Agarwal. All rights reserved. In an effort to reach out to its passenger base, the new slogan …

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