Daily Archives: November 7, 2011

Audio and Video: The moaning of GE90-115B – the largest commercial jet engine

Ask any plane spotter about the General Electric GE90-155B engines and you will get a universal thumbs-up. The largest engines fitted on any commercial jet, two GE90’s power every Boeing 777 made today; the -300ER, the -200LR, or the freighter. Put the engine size in perspective. Compare the ground engineer near the nose wheel. To give you an idea of …

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Plane spotting photos and Video: AeroLogic Boeing 777F and Lion Air Boeing 747-400 at Bangalore

Last week Bangalore Aviation contributor Vedant Agarwal caught the new started AeroLogic Boeing 777F five times a week service from Bangalore to Leipzig, Germany, and a one off appearance by Indonesia’s Lion Air Boeing 747-400 (not an ER), which has been sub-contracted by NAS Air to ferry passengers performing the Haj. AeroLogic Boeing 777F D-AALD Lion Air Boeing 747-400 PK-LHG …

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