Daily Archives: September 11, 2009

Double goof-up lands Bangladesh Air India Express passengers in the wrong country

A good way to end the week on a humorous note. Thanks to a comedy of errors due to a double goof-up by both passengers and airline Air India Express, four passengers from Bangladesh landed up in countries and cities far away from their destinations. Air India’s low fare subsidiary Air India Express operates a flight from the Bangladeshi capital …

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Did JetLite crew perform risky flight after tail strike?

A Jetlite Boeing 737-800, VT-SIJ peforming flight S2-703 from Mumbai to Kolkata with 141 passengers and 6 crew, suffered a tail strike. Tail strikes are not uncommon in longer aircraft, and the Boeing 737-800 features a tail skid plate to protect against structural damage as seen in this picture of a Jet Airways Boeing 737-800. Some newer 737s even have …

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