Quiz: How much do you remember Apollo?

I still recall with great fondness hearing the communications between Apollo 11 and Houston live. I was only five years old, and it was early in the morning in Mumbai.

Forty years ago to this day, three human beings commenced a unique journey to another world. Neil A. Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin Jr. lifted off at 09:32 EDT, July 16, 1969 on the NASA mission Apollo 11. Aided by thousands of members at NASA, they made the trip from the earth to the moon.

As Boston.com puts it

“The entire trip lasted only eight days days, the time spent on the surface was less than one day, the entire time spent walking on the moon, a mere 2 1/2 hours – but they were surely historic hours.”

Do take the time to see their 40 photograph homage to Apollo 11.

Before you do, a pop quiz on how much you remember the Apollo missions. Please post your answers via a comment.

  1. Apollo 11 was the culmination of a specific goal laid out by President Kennedy in 1961. What specifically was the goal?
  2. What were the mission titles of the three astronauts on Apollo 11? (For example Neil Armstrong was the Commander).
  3. What were the names of the command module and lunar module vehicles on Apollo 11?
  4. What were the first words spoken from the moon to back to mission control in Houston?
  5. On what date did Apollo 11 land on the moon?
  6. How many human beings have set foot on the surface of the moon?
  7. Who were the last two astronauts to set foot on the moon?
  8. Name the two NASA space programs series that preceded Apollo?
  9. Who was the only astronaut to fly in all three NASA space programs?
  10. What is the official term for the “moonwalk” or “spacewalk”?

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