81.3% of passengers want HAL open in parallel with BIAL

Many readers have been posting very thoughtful and eloquent comments on my blog. Thank you.

I use part of a comment from one – “If consumers of airport services do not find the airport a convenient and profitable place to do business, it will not be used.”

Feedback Business Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd., did a survey of about 1,150 passengers at HAL Bangalore airport. Without belittling electronic, web, or phone surveys, this was a face-to-face survey of actual passengers involving considerable effort, and thus, is the most honest and un-biased opinion, anyone can hope to get.

The survey was conducted between 26/Feb and 1/Mar 2008, from 6AM to 10PM, across a wide cross section of passengers — frequent vs. occasional flyers, Bangalore/Karnataka residents vs. non residents, business vs. leisure travellers, across gender, across age groups (19 – 55+ years), arriving and departing passengers.

The results :

  • 70.7% of those surveyed said they will be adversely or significantly adversely impacted by closure of HAL airport
  • 81.3% agreed with the statement I feel that the connectivity to the new BIAL airport at Devanahalli is not yet in place and HAL airport needs to be kept open”
  • 71.4% said that all parties should sit down and work out a mutually beneficial arrangement
  • Only 19.4% agreed with the statementI think the government should close HAL airport as set out in the agreement, irrespective of any public inconvenience in the short term”
  • 77.8% felt that Longer travel time to the new BIAL airport at Devanahalli will adversely affect the productivity of businesses in Bangalore”
  • 72.5% said Bangalore’s economy is growing rapidly and it is desirable to keep existing infrastructure like HAL airport open to handle rising demand.

Proponents of an exclusive BIAL should learn from the long commutes endured by all Bangaloreans in our daly lives, and the loss of productivity that is resulting. No matter how benevolent or well intended, monopolies only stifle economic activity, never encourage it.

The consumers are speaking and sensible heads in Government, in BIAL, and in HAL, should prevail on the BIAL promoters to listen to the voice of reason, come together, and work out a solution, QUICKLY.

Otherwise, citizens of Bangalore, will act …………….. at the ballot box and at the ticket counter …….. at the bus stand and railway station.

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