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Jet Airways takes delivery of first new Airbus A330-300

Jet Airways, today took delivery of the first of four new Airbus A330-300 series aircraft into its fleet, at the airframer’s headquarters in Toulouse, France. Aircraft registration VT-JWR. The airline is expected to take delivery of an additional A330-300 (VT-JWS) later this month.

The first A330-300 aircraft will be be deployed from December 22 as 9W 228/227 on the Mumbai Brussels sector.

Comparison graphic A330-200 vs. A330-300 dimensions size lateral view. Photo copyright Airbus S.A.S.

The airline already has 11 of the smaller variant A330-200 aircraft, shorter than the A330-300 by 17.7ft, in its fleet. Each of the new A330-300’s will replace an existing A330-200 aircraft, which will be returned to lessors.

Compared to the A330-200s, the new A330-300s have an additional 73 seats 4 Première business class and 69 Economy seats. Jet pilots will enjoy the benefit of a common flight deck between the two variants. The aircraft are configured with 34 seats in Première, and 259 seats in economy.

Jet continues with Welsh seat manufacturer Contour, though it has dropped the ‘Herringbone’ configuration whose design a court ruled in favour of Virgin Atlantic. The new seating is the ‘Contour Vantage 2’ seat control featuring air cushioned seats in a configuration very similar to the new Lufthansa business class (see photos and video here). The seat converts to a horizontal flat bed and offers pumped air lumbar support, with a massage feature.

The in-flight entertainment (IFE) system is via a 12.1” monitor. An eXport socket located immediately below the video screen is for guests to plug-in their personal Apple devices such as iPods, iPads and iPhones allowing them to view their personal video content on the video screen and/or listen to music, while allowing for the device to be charged. The seats also feature a PC power socket and USB socket both of which can charge various electrical items.

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