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Indigo Q1FY20 results: the greatest quarter in Indian aviation?

IndiGo ATR72-600 VT-IYA. Photo by Vedant Agarwal. Copyright. Do not re-use.

Indigo reported its Q1FY20 results on Friday. With a profit of INR 1203 crore it is the highest net profit for any airline in Indian aviation. The airline looked good on all metrics ranging from financial to strategic and operational. Interestingly, while this quarter was indeed driven by the collapse of Jet Airways, Indigo’s contention is that this did not …

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The value erosion of Jet Airways

Four 777-300's of Jet Airways at Amsterdam.

Jet Airways has suspended operations as of April 17, 2019.  It was an action that should have been taken much earlier. The debate continues on whether a consortium will successfully bid and re-start the airline or if the government will step-in. While the 16,000+ employees are still hopeful, the fact of the matter is that actions have left the airline …

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Global aviation leaders call India’s service tax on aircraft leasing, regressive

Global aviation leaders at the Farnborough international air show 2014 termed India’s decision to levy service tax of 12.36% on aircraft lease charges as a regressive step which will only hurt India’s already over-taxed airlines. As per a report in The Mint, the maiden Union budget of the Narendra Modi led NDA government proposes to levy the service tax effective …

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Bangalore Aviation crosses 2.3 million page views. Thanks dear readers and contributors.

This week Bangalore Aviation crossed 2.3 million annual page views. On behalf of the entire team, I extend our sincerest and heartfelt thanks to each of our readers for their constant support in making us India’s leading aviation analysis website. You can see the readership statistics on the right side-bar about mid-way down the page. We are also ranked 15 …

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Analysis of Kingfisher’s Q1 Results

Continuing the series of Indian carrier financial analyses, today we take a look at Kingfisher. Previous Analyses: SpiceJet Following the trend of most Indian carriers, Kingfisher posted a drop in net income; facing a net pretax loss of Rs. 3.90 billion vs. a pretax loss of Rs. 2.64 billion in Q1 2011. As compared to SpiceJet, Kingfisher did not see …

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Analysis of SpiceJet’s Initial Bombardier Q400 Operation and New Hub at Hyderabad

Low cost carrier SpiceJet over the weekend revealed its initial Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 operations, with 225 weekly flights operating on 17 distinct city pairs (see end of post for the full operation). The new flights will all commence between September 21st and October 4th. Operations will be made possible by the delivery of 5 brand-new Q400s from Bombardier by …

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Plane spotting: DGCA rules on photography at airports, of a plane, on an airplane in India

The nightly aircraft line-up tail parade at the apron of Kempegowda International Airport Bangalore

Plane photography is one of the most misunderstood hobbies in India. Take out a camera and point it at an aircraft, and you will invite suspicious views from people around you, including the security personnel. These suspicions are however misplaced due to a complete ignorance of the law, both by the general populace as well as security personnel. Just two …

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Singapore Airlines: a 5-star no more

As a regular flier around the world, I would always experience the mental shock of coming down the levels as I transited from my Singapore Airlines flight, on to a domestic US carrier. It did not matter whether it was American, Continental, Delta, United, or US Airways, it did not matter if the transition was from economy to economy, or …

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Indian domestic air passenger traffic goes from bad to worse

The bad news just does not stop for the domestic Indian civil aviation industry. Recently released figures show an alarming drop to only 8.6 million domestic passengers for the third quarter of (July-September) 2008, with a miserable 2.68 million passengers for September 2008. This represents a 17% reduction over the same period last year, a 19% reduction from the previous …

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Air passengers to pay yet another fee

The air transport cartel is at it, again. In all too familiar theme, we passengers must get ready to pay one more “fee“. Readers will recall that airlines decided to scrap travel agent commissions, in India, effective October 31, 2008. This move by the airlines, created an uproar in the industry and led to strikes and protests. Presently, airlines pay …

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Indian airports need 1000 more Air Traffic Controllers

Airports need 1,000 more ATC officersAnirban Chowdhury / New Delhi If you thought that the IGI airport in Delhi is the only one suffering a shortage of air traffic controllers (ATC), think again. The country has 1,500 ATC officers, which is only 60 per cent of its requirement of 2,500 ATC officers. And despite new recruitments and training, the shortage …

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How Indian aviation is battling the Perfect Storm

Perfect storm Shuchi Bansal Airlines are blaming the rising ATF prices for their woes. But it is also a crisis of their own making. How are they coping? The exasperation in Saroj K Datta’s voice is unmistakable. “We are doing whatever needs to be done — capacity rationalisation, maintaining aircraft fuel efficiency, and so on,” says the executive-director of Jet …

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Foreign airlines flock to India

Foreign airlines flock to India, ignore global downturn India is seen as a growing market for international airline traffic and the current market size is nearly $5 billion (Rs 21,000 cr) a year They are cutting flights to several destinations in the wake of a worldwide slump in business, but international airlines are doing just the opposite in India because …

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Indian Travel Agents need to EARN their income

From October 1, 2008, airlines in India are going to stop paying commissions on their tickets sales by travel agents. Travel agents are understandably incensed. Until about a year ago they used to earn 9% commission, which was dropped to 5%, and in another 2 months, will drop to 0. Industry experts say most small agents will shut shop, while …

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