Daily Archives: February 24, 2011

Airbus operators and Air India lead the field in Cat-IIIB certified pilots

Fog and the accompanying low visibility is the bane of air travel across the world, and especially during the peak winter season in north India. The higher the category, the lower are the minima for visibility. So for a foggy Delhi, a Cat-IIIB is most suited. However it is an integrated system. i.e. to be able to land in just …

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Feature: Major plane accidents in the 100 years of Indian civil aviation – Part 2

Continuing our series of major scheduled civil aviation accidents with fatalities in the 100 years of Indian civil aviation. Yesterday we covered till the year 1952, today we continue forward till 1957. The early 1950’s were a torrid time for Indian aviation from a safety perspective, and 1953 continued the high rates of accidents in India. The war surplus Douglas …

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