Daily Archives: August 17, 2010

Can RyanAir survive without public subsidies — analysis by @Airobserver and @WhichBudget

RyanAir has often been credited with being virtually unstoppable thanks to a highly efficient operation. However, as the WhichBudget website explains While Ryanair declared €663m of ancillary revenues in its last annual report in 2009, Ryanair earned more than €664m in subsidies the same year. It means that subsidies are at least as important as ancillary revenues and represent around …

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gfiles magazine accuses systemic and widespread corruption in Indian aviation

gfiles magazine has written a two part article accusing India’s Civil Aviation Minister and other officials of systemic corruption with the ulterior motive of running Air India in to the ground. As the magazine puts it gfiles prayerfully brings to the Supreme Court’s attention, in two parts, the inside story of how a national resource – as well as a …

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