Daily Archives: April 14, 2008

BAILing out of BIAL?

SHUTTING DOWN HAL AIRPORT BAILing out of BIAL? URL for this article http://citizenmatters.in/articles/view/88-BAILing-out-of-BIAL? Pressure on the government to keep Bangalore’s HAL airport running is beginning to gain ground. While much of the angst is over traffic snarls, the arguments are substantive and deserve attention. Even as the launch date of Bengaluru International Airport is nearing, a storm has risen over …

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Are Private Airports in India Ready to Take Off?

Are Private Airports in India Ready to Take Off? Published: April 03, 2008 in India Knowledge@Wharton http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/india/article.cfm;jsessionid=a830e6c0e14039162818?articleid=4274&CFID=8109838&CFTOKEN=33128394&jsessionid=a830e6c0e14039162818# http://www.mynews.in/fullstory.aspx?storyid=3808# On March 14, Sonia Gandhi, chairman of India’s ruling United Progressive Alliance government at the Center, inaugurated the new private sector airport at Hyderabad in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh. It was a false start, though: Several airlines, citing the need …

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BIAL to open on May 11 ?

Hopefully, May 10th will be an event filled for Bangalore. During the day, we will have polls, and I pray that citizens of Karnataka will choose to replace the stagnation of coalitions, with one party, to lead the way forward. The night will bring to fruition a long running plan of having a new international airport. News reports indicate that …

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