Thursday , 23 January 2020
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Your opinion: Topic of the week: Will the 787 Dreamliner revive Air India’s fortunes?

After much delay Air India has finally taken delivery of its first Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft. The airline has taken out full page advertisements in most major newspapers across the nation, extolling the virtues of the aircraft. There are many short-comings at the airline that need correcting. The most important being political and bureaucratic meddling and micro-management of airline operation. …

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Your views: Topic of the week: The mess at Air India

For the last week members of the Indian Pilots Guild are causing huge losses to the national carrier Air India, by going on strike. On CNN IBN noted journalist Karan Thapar interviewed the civil aviation minister Mr. Ajit Singh. Mr. Singh was candid, agreeing to the failures of the carrier, even admitting that government had no business running any service …

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Your views: Topic of the week: Profits at IndiGo

Amidst all the turmoil in the Indian airline sector, one airline has stood out as a beacon of profitability in the surrounding gloom. Low cost carrier (LCC) IndiGo has once again posted a net profit for the fiscal year ending March 2012, according to a report in the Financial Chronicle. “We have recorded profits in 2011-12 too though it’s likely …

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Your views: Topic of the week: The future of Kingfisher Airlines? Tatas should acquire?

Continuing our weekly interactive post where we seek your views, this week we discuss Kingfisher Airlines. Whether due to his own poor planning and execution, or as some conspiracy theorists will have you believe, there is no doubt, in the case of Kingfisher Airlines, Dr. Vijay Mallya has been systematically pushed against the wall. Kingfisher Airlines is now a weight …

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Your views: Topic of the week: What should the Indian airline industry do, to survive 2012?

Dear Readers, welcome to a new financial year. As you know, interactivity with you, our readers, is important to us, and we constantly ask for your thoughts and your views on our stories. Comments received are featured in EVERY page footer, and we are thankful for the contributions received. Deriving from my friend Brett Snyder The Cranky Flier, from today …

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