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Bangalore Aviation is now a secure HTTPS website

Dear Readers I am happy to announce that we have implemented HTTPS protocols and made Bangalore Aviation in to a secure website. You will now notice a lock in the address bar of your browser when you come to your favourite aviation site. While we are not the first, we are one of the few blog web-sites who have undertaken …

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Opinion: India needs long-term systemic changes to boost aviation sector

The nightly aircraft line-up tail parade at the apron of Kempegowda International Airport Bangalore

For the better part of this year, India has suffered the ignominy of being one of only 11 countries relegated to Category 2 status by the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as its safety oversight regime did not meet international standards. The relegation dealt a serious dent in the operations of India’s airlines by a freeze on their US …

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Boeing partners with US Air Force to reduce supply chain costs

By BA Staff Boeing and the U.S. Air Force Sustainment Center (AFSC) have entered into an overarching public-private partnership that will streamline supply chain contracting, saving money and speeding up execution by as much as 10 months. The partnership – the first of its kind – allows the three Air Force logistics complexes that are under the AFSC to immediately …

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Ryanair enhances consumer security on Ryanair.com

Earlier today, European ultra-low cost carrier (ULCC) Ryanair launched a new customer verification system on the Ryanair.com website. Find the details below.  20th August 2013 Ryanair, Europe’s only ultra-low cost carrier (ULCC), today (20 Aug) launched a new consumer verification security system on the Ryanair.com website, which offers increased security when booking Ryanair’s lowest fares on Ryanair.com.Delivered through CardinalCommerce’s Centinel® …

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Houston Intercontinental airport terminal B sealed after shooting incident

Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental airport (IATA: IAH) is undergoing severe disruptions, as officials have effectively sealed up Terminal B after a fatal shooting earlier today. The Houston Police report on its Facebook page says The armed suspect in the airport incident has died from his injuries. He entered Terminal B and fired at least one shot in the air. A …

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I Had My First Pat-Down Search and I’m Fine With It.

Over the past few years here in the US, there has been a severe backlash surrounding the usage of full body scanners and the resultant pat-down searches; for passengers who opt out of the body scan. Supporters of the body scans claim that they are necessary to weed out terrorists who might have dangerous materials such as plastic explosives that …

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Yikes!!! Australian tester of Boeing 747 video system claims breaking in to the aircraft engine system

Boeing image. Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental. At a time when every stakeholder, governments to airlines and airports on to tax-payers and everyone in-between is spending obscene amounts of money, loss of privacy, and other resources to make the skies safer, this story is downright scary. The worst part of this story is that this vulnerability exists due to a lack of …

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How plane spotters are helping airport security in their battle against terror

Last week saw yet another dastardly attack against the citizens of India in general and Mumbai in particular. As per the Government of India, there was no prior intelligence warning of the Mumbai blasts. Across the world, governments have realised the importance of involving and engaging the local community to ensure a flow of information, especially on strangers or unknown …

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Enhanced security checks at Bangalore airport. Give yourself additional time.

There is a high security alert at Bengaluru International Airport till Friday. There are enhanced security checks across all stages of embarkation. This includes a very high level of pre-embarkation checks and secondary ladder point check. These checks have been mandated by various intelligence agencies who must have some credible risk perception. Airines too are closing flights for check-in and …

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Priority boarding – lessons from AirAsia to IndiGo and SpiceJet and for airports from temples

About two months ago, I flew AirAsia, rather Thai AirAsia for the first time. I could help but compare their services with those of Indian low fare carriers IndiGo and SpiceJet. There is a marked difference between AirAsia and the Indians. In some cases the Indians can learn, and some where AirAsia can learn. In the air, the crew friendliness …

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Q.E.D. – Wrong security stamps on boarding passes

Last week I had discussed the need to review the requirement of Indian aviation security agencies of placing a stamp on boarding passes and hand luggage tags. Many readers have commented about similar experiences and the frivolity of having such an archaic system which has become irrelevant in a modern world where threats are more insidious and require ever increasing …

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Right sizing and re-focussing airport security in India

Thanks to the increasing security threats, queues at security checks have become the bane of air travellers across the world. However, during my recent trip to Malaysia and Thailand, I found reasonably fast moving lines. In contrast, at peak hours across airports in India, we experience extremely long lines at security checks and a boarding process that moves slower than …

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How to: Avoiding thieves at airports and on-board flights

Steve Frischling, the author of Flying with Fish, has written two excellent and must read articles, for any traveller, on thieves at airports and on-board flights – yes even on board flights, thefts do occur. He goes in to extensive details on how thieves operate and how best to avoid being a victim. Article on airport thievesArticle on in-flight thieves …

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