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Airlines implement ‘enhanced security’ for USA flights

Five international airlines have begun implementing new ‘enhanced security’ measures for their US bound flights which includes ‘enhanced screening’ of personal electronic devices larger than a cell phone. Air France, Lufthansa Group (including SWISS, Austrian and Brussels), Cathay Pacific, Emirates and EgyptAir have also introduced a security questioning process which ranges from filling a questionnaire to questioning by airline staff. …

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Lufthansa to lower take-off acceleration altitude globally to save fuel

Lufthansa is set to change its take-off procedure for all departures outside Germany, and implement one standard, worldwide. As of 1 June 2013, the airline will lower the acceleration altitude, for using the climb thrust and for further accelerating by its aircraft that are taking off, from 1,500 feet (approx. 457 metres) to 1,000 feet (approx. 305 metres). What does …

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