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Photo: FedEx freighter aircraft line-up at New Delhi. One of the planes has a very interesting history.

A shot of the cargo ramp at New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi international airport, FedEx Express’ main hub in India. If you observe the photo correctly, there is something unusual about this photo. Don’t fully scroll down. Try to see only the photo and see if you can spot the feature? The answer is below the photograph. The line-up consists one …

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Images: Boeing introduces new dual tip winglets. A throwback to the MD-11?

US airframer Boeing unveiled a new dual winglet design concept for the 737 MAX. The new Advanced Technology winglet is expected to provide an additional 1.5% fuel-burn improvement, on top of the 10-12 percent improvement already offered on the new-engine variant. Compared to today’s wingtip technology, which provides up to a 4 percent fuel-burn advantage at long ranges, the Advanced Technology …

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Guest Post: The unique air cargo industry

The air cargo industry is quite obviously different from the passenger airline industry. Beyond both offering services that mostly focus on transportation via air the two industries share little else. Let’s get into it. For passenger airlines, the exchange of services (and in some cases, goods) is pretty much entirely contained within the airport or the aircraft. Passenger airlines offer …

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Plane spotting video: The Boeing heavies at Bangalore — 744 Freighter, 777F, MD-11F, 747-400

Today’s episode features Boeing heavy aircraft at Bengaluru International Airport, Bangalore. Three freighters — Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F, Singapore Airlines Cargo Boeing 744F MegaArk, AeroLogic Boeing 777F and a British Airways Boeing 747-400 heavily loaded with a full load of passengers, their baggage, and tanks full of fuel for its 11 hour flight to London Heathrow. Observe the steep climb angle …

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Plane spotting pictures: FedEx Express Boeing MD-11 freighter N524FE with Kollsman EFVS

Continuing with the trend of air cargo, this week’s picture is of the MD-11F freighter N524FE of global shipping giant FedEx Express. Click on the image for a larger view The MD-11 was the update to the venerable McDonnell Douglas DC-10. After a long career with many an airline, the last MD-11 passenger flight was performed on February 20, 2010 …

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Bangalore bound FedEx Express Boeing MD-11F declares emergency diverts to Mumbai

A FedEx Express Boeing MD-11F registration N579FE performing flight FX-5062 from Dubai, United Arab Emirates to Bangalore, India, declared a full emergency after receiving a fire indication in the lower belly cargo hold, and diverted to Mumbai, CSI airport. The aircraft landed safely at 18:24 local (12:54 UTC) and after inspection the alarm was found to be false. The full …

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Photos: Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F freighter in full ground operation

Today’s picture shows Lufthansa Cargo’s Boeing MD-11F freighter registration D-ALCC in full ground operations at Bangalore. D-ALCC was delivered to Lufthansa Cargo in 1998. Click on the image for a high resolution view. The aircraft features a forward port side cargo door of 140 in x 102 in or 3.56 m x 2.59 m (see the edge of the door …

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Lufthansa Cargo increases MD-11F flights ex Bangalore and Chennai to Frankfurt

This week onwards, Lufthansa Cargo has increased its freighter service to Frankfurt ex Bangalore and Chennai to four MD-11F flights a week by adding an additional freighter into its existing network in India. Reflecting the growth of the Indian economy, Carsten Hernig, Regional Manager India and Middle East of Lufthansa Cargo said “India is still one the most dynamic markets …

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Spotting images: Boeing and Russian freighters

Thanks to a technology based economy (sorry world, but Bangalore is a lot more than just BPO outsourcing), Bangalore has always been a preferred destination for air cargo. Bio-technology, electronics, aviation, pharmaceuticals, high-end precision engineering, floriculture, fresh produce, and the outsourcing industry which buys tons of imported computers, ensure that Bangalore is the leading hub for air cargo in Southern …

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Boeing and Airbus: 40 years of rivalry and one-upmanship – Part two

Continuing the story on the forty year old rivalry between Airbus and Boeing from yesterday, we pick up the rivalry from the mid 1980s till date. Following the success of the A320, Airbus next introduced the four engined A340 and twin-engine A330 mid-sized aircraft in 1987. While the A340 was designed to compete in the long distance over-water intercontinental routes, …

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The typical takeoff and climb angles of all Boeing planes

In the recent issue of Boeing’s AERO magazine there is an article titled Exceeding tire speed during takeoff in which there is this nice graphic that demonstrates the recommended take-off rotation and climb angles for all Boeing aircraft. I was surprised that despite it’s length, the Boeing 747-400 Jumbo Jet has a rotation angle of 10 degrees. Compare that to …

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Tokyo Narita’s main runway opens following FedEx MD-11F crash

The New Tokyo International Airport at Narita opened its main runway earlier this morning at 09:10 local (00:10 UTC) following yesterday’s accident and crash of a FedEx Boeing MD-11 freighter which claimed both the crew and the aircraft. The crash has shut down the 4,000 meter (13,123 ft) long main runway 16R/34L. The airport was forced to rely on the …

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Video: FedEx MD-11 crashes at Tokyo Narita airport, crew killed, airport shut down

Follow Bangalore Aviation on Twitter First posted – March 23, 01:00 GMT A FedEx MD-11 freighter registration number N526FE performing flight 80, from Guangzhou, China crashed at Tokyo Narita International Airport in heavy winds, and burst in to flames. The two crew on board were killed. The main runway at the international gateway airport to Tokyo has been shut down. …

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Widespread flight disruptions at Tokyo Narita airport following FedEx MD-11 crash

The crash of FedEx MD-11 freighter registration number N526FE performing flight 80, from Guangzhou, China at the New Tokyo International Airport at Narita has caused major disruptions in flight schedules. The crash has shut down the 4,000 meter (13,123 ft) long main runway 16R/34L. Map should not be used for navigation The airport is forced to rely on the secondary …

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