Monthly Archives: May 2011

Why the Indian government will not let go control of Air India

Over the last month, national carrier Air India has been pilloried in the press across the the world. Stalwarts like the domestic Indian Express and the international New York Times, have exposed the rot and have even called for the closure of the airline. Exposes into the conflicts between management, board of directors, advisors, bureaucrats, politicians, labour abound, and charges …

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Videos – Assembly and delivery of Korean Air’s first Airbus A380 superjumbo

On May 24th, Korean Air took delivery of its first Airbus A380 superjumbo in Toulouse, France. As a special tribute, the carrier’s first A380 was presented to invited guests by 500 Airbus employees – who carried blue, white and red umbrellas to form Korean Air’s tri-colour logo. The airline has specified the most extra-spacious layout amongst the six operators of …

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Plane Spotting: Airside at Flughafen Zurich – an aviation photographer’s wet dream

I arrived in Zurich yesterday morning to meet my friend and Bangalore Airport President Marcel Hungerbeuhler, and do some spotting. Thanks to some other friends at Bangalore and Zurich airports (who shall remain anonymous), both Marcel and me, were met by this huge strapping guy — Rolf Wallner, one of the senior plane spotters in Switzerland with thousands of photos …

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Plane Spotting: HD Video: Emirates A380 A6-EDO take-off runway 23L at Manchester

Senior spotter Murtaza Sattar played host to me on Friday 20th May for a day of spotting at Manchester Ringway airport in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately Murt’s claim that he could control everything but the weather, came true. It was dull, cloudy, rainy, cold, windy day. The photos were coming out very poorly, so I decided to use the Live …

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Lufthansa increases check-in baggage allowance, introduces piece concept on all routes

German airline Lufthansa is simplifying and harmonising its check-in free baggage allowance policy, adopting the piece concept on all its flights globally. The new rules bring Lufthansa in sync with its North American Star Alliance partners who also follow a piece concept on all their flights. Currently, the piece concept applies to all flights to/from North America across airlines. To …

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Europe trip – a second try at Qatar Airways

I am off on a two week trip to Europe. Along with work, I have managed to make some appointments with the leading spotters in London, Manchester, Prague, and hopefully Zurich. So if the weather cooperates, I hope to post some pictures from these airports. Flying to London via Doha on Qatar Airways. Yes, yes, after my disastrous trip almost …

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