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Your views: Topic of the week: The future of Kingfisher Airlines? Tatas should acquire?

Continuing our weekly interactive post where we seek your views, this week we discuss Kingfisher Airlines. Whether due to his own poor planning and execution, or as some conspiracy theorists will have you believe, there is no doubt, in the case of Kingfisher Airlines, Dr. Vijay Mallya has been systematically pushed against the wall. Kingfisher Airlines is now a weight …

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Kingfisher Airlines posts Rs. 469 cr loss in Q2 FY 2012. Pays 22% of revenue as interest and finance charges

Contrary to its claimed cash-starved position, Kingfisher Airlines has actually performed relatively better than its counter-part listed private airlines counter-parts in India. In a perverse silver lining to the ongoing fiscal crisis at Kingfisher, the airline slid from a net loss of Rs. 263 Cr. in the first quarter of fiscal year 2011~12 (FY12) to a net loss of Rs. …

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