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Bengaluru International Airport performs well despite the slow down

At a recently meeting of the infrastructure committee of the Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce we had the opportunity to hear from Mr. Marcel Hungerbuehler about India’s second greenfield private airport Bengaluru International Airport (BIA), which opened last May. Based on his discussions and presentation, I compiled some graphs on airport and air travel performance. There is little doubt …

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Steep glideslope at Bengaluru International Airport contributes to delays and safety concerns

In my previous article I highlighted the faulty glideslope at Bengaluru International Airport (BIA) being a contributor to delays, especially in times of fog. Last Sunday January 24, 2009, BIA, again, experienced significant delays due to fog. This issue has been hanging fire at Bengaluru International Airport since opening day. I came across an article by Capt. A. Ranganathan, an …

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Erroneous glideslope at BIA

Monday June 16 2008 Monica Jha BANGALORE: Pilots from two airlines (one domestic and one international) have reportedly complained about problems in landing using instrument landing system (ILS) at the Bengaluru International Airport. The runway (27 orientation, which is being used presently) at the new airport has a 3.4 degree glideslope for an ILS approach while the international standard for …

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