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Video: Vintage collection of Concorde first flights and construction

by Devesh Agarwal Over the weekend, 2nd March to be specific, was the 44th Anniversary of the maiden flight of Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde 001 back in 1969. Concorde entered service in 1976, and flew the elite of the world, till British Airways and Air France, ceased service on October 24, 2003. Construction of the first prototype began in February 1965. Built …

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Boeing and Airbus: 40 years of rivalry and one-upmanship – Part one

Forty years ago as the 1969 Paris Air Show unfolded, the world was abuzz over the Boeing 747 and the BAC-Aerospatiale Concorde both whom had just made their first flights just a few months before. At the same time, European aerospace companies were finalising a consortium to wrest back dominance of the United States in the commercial aviation market. Within …

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Trivia: Which was the last flight of Concorde?

Hello Bangalore Aviation supporters, it is Friday, and trivia time again. This week’s question: Which was the last flight of Concorde ? You will have to take a giant leap backwards to find the answer, but it is right here on Bangalore Aviation. Remember to check back on Monday for the answer.

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Videos: 40th anniversary of Concorde’s first flight

She was always known by just her name. Never an article ahead of it. She was Concorde. Never THE Concorde or A Concorde or LE Concorde; and 40 years ago, she made her first flight from Toulouse in France, where the giant Airbus A380 is made today. F-WSST took to the skies at 15:40 on March 2, 1969, coincidentally, just …

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A giant leap backwards for all mankind — 5 years on

Between October 24th and November 26th, the five year anniversary of an event will pass; an event which Jeremy Clarkson described as “a giant leap backwards for all mankind”. For the first time in our history, we went backwards in aviation, retiring a plane, which had no replacement then, has no replacement even today, and has no replacement appearing on …

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