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Plane spotting at Houston: United’s 787s back in flight

Through the month of May, on two separate occasions I had the pleasure to do plane spotting at Houston’s two airports, Hobby and Intercontinental.

The Houston airport system authorities support their local spotters well, making both airports amongst the most friendliest to spot at in the United States.

A special thanks to the friendly folks at the Houston Spotters who took me around and showed me the best places to spot from. Without a doubt, Rankin Road is the place to be in the afternoon and evening. Their website has excellent spotter guides in the “Spotting Resources” section and please do call and inform the authorities as suggested in the guides.

From my last trip, here is one of the two United 787 Dreamliners that are in service, post the battery fix, flying domestic routes from Houston to Newark and Chicago, performing a “smokin touchdown” on to Runway 08R. Observe the wing flex which will come to level once the plane slows down.

Just one small request to the Tower controllers at KIAH. Please put the heavies on 08R and the small regional jets on 08L. Please, pretty please, with a cherry on the top??

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