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Air India Boeing 777 collides into JetBlue A320 at New York JFK airport

An arriving Boeing 777-300ER (B77W) of Air India VT-ALK “Chattisgarh” bumped in to a JetBlue Airbus A320 aircraft, N603JB, at New York’s John F. Kennedy (JFK) airport early on Saturday morning. There are no injuries reported to passengers of either aircraft. Both aircraft have sustained damage and are grounded.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Authority indicates around 0615 local (1115Z) the JetBlue aircraft had pushed back from gate 5, terminal 4 to perform flight B6-145 to West Palm Beach. Apparently the tow bar, attached to the nose of the A320 when pushing back, got damaged. While retrieving a new tow bar, the A320 was stationary, but just short of the gate. A sort of half-in half-out situation. In the mean time, the Air India Boeing 777 had just arrived, performing flight AI-102 from New Delhi and was taxing to its gate.

The right wingtip of the B77W clipped the vertical stabiliser on the A320. The Air India B77W has minor damage to its right wing-tip, and the JetBlue A320 has damage to its rudder. Both aircraft were rendered not airworthy. (A320 damage is available in the video below).

Both aircraft taxied to their gates. The passengers of the JetBlue flight were transferred to another plane which left after a three hour delay. The Air India passengers disembarked normally and proceeded through immigration and customs. The return flight to New Delhi appears cancelled.

The FAA is investigating the incident.

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